Terms of participation

  1. This vacation is sponsored by Cancun Escapes and its affiliated resorts. It entitles you to hotel accommodations and unlimited food and beverages in some of the safest and most spectacular destinations in the world: Riviera Maya or Cancun, Mexico; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  2. This unique offer is for you and your family (valid for two adults between the ages of 28 and 75 and two children under the age of 12). Upon check-in, adults must present a valid ID and a major credit card for incidentals. Because this is a family promotion, all married or cohabiting couples must travel with their spouse. This offer is not valid for travel by adults who are full-time students without gainful employment, nor by adults whose profession is in the travel, hotel, cruise line or airline industries.
  3. Primary destination must be used within 18 months from purchase date and must be booked within the first 12 months.
  4. A booking processing fee of $99 USD will be collected at the time of booking your main destination.
  5. Bonus destinations are valid for 18 months after your primary destination has been used and must be booked within 12 months. For vacation package promotions with multiple destinations, there is a 6-month gap requirement to travel between destinations. Not all vacation promotions include bonus destinations. To see whether your vacation promotion includes a bonus destination(s), please refer to your vacation package description. Bonus destinations will be provided upon check-in at the main destination.
  6. All bonus destinations are free of cost and are considered part of the vacation package; however, they do not include reservation fees, taxes, and/or gratuities, which must be covered during your reservation process for each of the bonus destinations.
  7. This vacation package promotion cannot be combined or used with any other certificate or vacation package promotions because group travel is not allowed. A group is considered to be 2 or more vacation package or certificate holders (family or friends) traveling together or meeting at the same resort during the same vacation period.
  8. Group travel invalidates the promotional rate offered with this vacation package promotion. If group travel is discovered prior to your arrival at the hotel, your reservation will be canceled. If group travel is discovered after your arrival at the hotel, you will be charged the rack rate for the accommodations provided.
  9. This vacation package promotion has been subsidized by our member resorts and requires a private viewing at the host resort (approx. 90-120 mins), which will familiarize you with all of the amenities available to you during your vacation as well as your options for participation in one of the vacation ownership plans. Should you fail to be in compliance with any term or condition of your vacation package, your reservation may be subject to cancellation and/or you will be automatically charged a minimum of $399 USD per room if your reservation is at one of our hotels in Cancun, or $499 USD per room if your reservation is at one of our hotels at the Riviera Maya and Dominic Republic. All traveling guests must attend the presentation.
  10. This vacation package promotion does not include airline tickets, hotel-airport transportation, laundry services, telephone calls made from you room, reservation/booking fees, or any other applicable taxes.
  11. Vacation package promotion is nonrefundable valid for one-time use only. Additional packages are not to be used subsequently by customers who have already traveled with one of our vacation promotions; however, they are 100 percent transferable to another party considering the terms and conditions are met.
  12. The rate offered in this promotion is being partially subsidized by our Vacation Club and only applies to a vacation package promotion. In the event you purchase a second vacation package promotion, an additional fee of $499 USD will apply.
  13. All taxes are included in your room rate, except the Environmental Sanitation Tax that the city government recently implemented. This tax is $15 USD per room per night and will be collected in its entirety at the hotel's front desk upon check-out.
  14. These terms and conditions are final and cannot be changed or altered by any statement, merchant or representation by any individual.