Get out and explore.

Offering the most unique, diverse experiences in the world, Cancun and the Riviera Maya fail to disappoint!
Delve into the trails of Xcaret to discover how the Mayan jungle and the culture of Mexico combine into more than 50 exciting attractions.

Xcaret means \little cove\ in Mayan and it’s located in Playa del Carmen, 45 minutes from Cancun in the heart of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Xcaret is proof that development, conservation, culture and entertainment are not opposing concepts. Some of the natural attractions at Xcaret include: underground rivers, a beach, a cove, a coral reef aquarium, ponds, marine turtles, manatee lagoon, bee farm, butterfly pavilion, aviary, and much more!
Swim with Dolphins
Live the once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with dolphins! Feel the magic of approaching these intelligent marine mammals. You can also interact with a lovely manatee and a playful sea lion. The dolphinarium is located in the magnificent paradise of Isla Mujeres in the Mexican Caribbean only 20 minutes from Cancun’s Hotel Zone coming by boat from Marina Aquatours . The dolphinarium consists of an area of 2.5 acres (10,000 square meters) of sea, and is surrounded by palm trees, white sand and turquoise waters that extend into the horizon. You can relax in comfortable chairs, enjoy delicious food and cool drinks, swimming in the pool while listening to the waves, or simply watch from the pier through impressive landscapes with our playful dolphins swimming. If you have an adventurous and curious spirit, and you have finished enjoying your program, there’s the option of visiting the island’s downtown area, where you can go shopping, walk the streets and enjoy the landscapes that seem more gorgeous in person than in photographs or postcards. You can take a bicycle tour around the island and visit a turtle range. Unlimited lunch buffet is from 12 to 4 pm.
Tankah Mayan Experience
Tankah, which in Mayan means “the center of town” because of its proximity to Tulum, is a beautiful park surrounded by pristine jungle, combining the perfection of nature and the mysticism of the ancient Mayans who most likely inhabited this area.

Walk through the ancestral and magical culture that only Tankah Park and its natural beauty offers. Mix adventure and nature at a place that provides joy like no other in the Mexican Caribbean.

Experience zip lines, unique canoes and a divine sensation of presence when snorkeling through the natural park’s ancestral cenotes (freshwater sinkholes) and the most gorgeous lagoon in the Riviera Maya.

All the activities culminate with a delicious Mayan homemade buffet made by members of the local community who use regional products, accompanied by handmade tortillas and revitalizing infusions to refresh your taste buds.
An unforgettable experience from start to finish
Admiral Yatch Club & Marina
Located on Cancun’s beautiful Nichupte Lagoon, Admiral Yacht Club has an incredible range of activities to satisfy all tastes and needs of each member of the public. Find romantic tranquility as a couple aboard a luxury private yacht, or feel the adrenaline of the most experienced athlete on our flyboards, or dive into the depths of the Caribbean with our professionals.
Isla Mujeres
Make your vacation to the Mexican Caribbean a real vacation - get out for a day and enjoy the crystal-clear water of the bay between Mainland Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Watch the water change from one shade of blue to another and then from one shade of turquoise to the next as the beauty unfolds before your eyes while you skim across the water. Join the fun and games on board or lie back and feel the warm Caribbean sun on your face
Ventura Park
We’re turning up the adventure to extreme levels: 6 worlds, 1 day, endless action, all at Cancun’s new oceanfront theme park. Brave ziplines and free-falls on a wild jungle expedition, then delve into a mysterious underworld to take on fierce opponents in high-tech challenges. Next, scream your way down immense water slides, swim with dolphins, let loose with classic carnival rides, and leave your friends in the dust as your go-kart speeds its way to the finish line… and all that’s just the beginning. Can you handle it?
Ya'ax che spa
Ya- Ché means La Ceiba, the Mayan tree of life. The philosophy of Ya'ax Ché Spa is based on the Mayan belief that human beings are connected to everything around us: the universe, our fellow human beings and nature.

Our spa rituals are designed to restore the balance of mind, body and spirit with nature. Combining ancient Mayan wisdom with advanced body health techniques, Ya'ax Ché Spa will help you regain balance at the heart of your universe.

Clear your mind, renew your body and purify your spirit at Ya'ax Ché Spa. The experiences this spa offers are designed to achieve your well-being and make you feel renewed.
Chichen Itza
Live the wonders of the pre-Hispanic world first-hand at Chichen Itza, the ancient Maya city that is considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Learn the anecdotes about its almost 1,000 years of history and live a memorable experience throughout this magnificent archaeological complex. Witness the astronomical and mathematical precision of its buildings, and experience the surprising acoustic effects in the key places your certified guide will point out.

The fusion of Mayan construction techniques with new elements from central Mexico makes Chichen Itza one of the most important examples of the Maya-Toltec civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula.

This marvelous, culturally rich place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World during the July 2007 official declaration ceremony in Lisbon.