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Which address should I provide for immigration purposes?
The hotel confirmation letter will have the complete address of your accommodations in Cancun. Please contact us if you require any additional information at 0800-047-0813 (UK Toll Free) or 1-800-658-3141 (US Toll Free).
How many airports are there in Cancun?
Cancun has only one airport, with four terminals. Our professional transportation team will be at your terminal waiting for your arrival.
How many airports are there in Punta Cana?
The Domincan Republic has a total of 8 international airports; however, you will need to fly into the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ).
What documents do I need to travel?
A valid passport A driver’s license (if you wish to rent a car)
Can I transfer my package to someone else?
Yes, please contact us at 0800-047-0813 (UK Toll Free) or 1-800-658-3141 (US Toll Free).
Can I add people to my package?
Every group is offered the opportunity to add guests to the room, for a nominal fee, up to a maximum of 5 people per room.
If I need to cancel my reservation or change my dates are there any penalty fees?
You have the opportunity to change or cancel your reservation up to 15 days prior to your arrival date without penalty.
Are there any days I cannot book (blackout dates)?
Bookings can be made for any date, subject to availability.
How far ahead should I make my reservation?
All reservations are subject to availability. We recommend making reservations at least 30 to 60 days before your travel dates to ensure the best chance of receiving the dates and package you are requesting.
Are Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Punta Cana safe?
Yes, absolutely. Millions of people visit these areas each year without incident. Local people are extremely friendly. Tourists are urged to simply use common sense as they would in their own hometowns.
Will my electrical equipment/appliances work in Mexico/Punta Cana?
European visitors will need to bring adapters as they use 220 volts compared to the 110 volts used in these parts. Visitors from the U.S. will not need adapters.
What time can I check in?
Check in at all of our hotels is at 3:00pm.
Is airport transportation included?
Generally one-way (airport-hotel) airport transportation is included. Please provide us with the proper documentation before arrival. Free transportation is available between our hotels in Cancun with shuttle buses running every 15 – 20 minutes.
What should I do if I will arrive late?
If your flight is delayed, our transportation team will already be aware of the situation and will be there waiting for you, so you do not need to worry. However if you miss your flight you will need to contact us as soon as possible at 0800-047-0813 (UK Toll Free) or 1-800-658-3141 (US Toll Free).
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