About -- Personal & Tailored

Our mission is to be the leader in online vacation bookings by creating a personalized feel and having clients know they are interacting with real people, be it by text, email, live chat, or over the phone.

Our approach
Personal & Tailored

At Cancun Escapes, we understand you most likely don’t want to talk to us over the phone! Nowadays,texting/messaging is the primary way of interaction. So text us with your questions or any needed clarifications. We don’t use bots,or any automatic responses to talk to you. One of our vacation specialists will always respond and we can have our conversation at the pace you want, and most importantly,in the way you’re used to on a daily basis. We want you to have an easy and convenient experience with us on this site.

Priding ourselves on not being another ordinary online travel company, we take a personalized approach to making sure each client has their Escape tailored specifically for them.Instead of having "business relationships" with resorts and being given a certain allotment of rooms and services, we are directly linked with the resorts we offer, with up-to-the-second availability,and the ability to modify packages to the client’s desires. From the moment one of our packages is booked until the flight back home, Cancun Escapes tracks each and every client to ensure they have the best experience possible.

Past & future
Moving Forward

Founded as a subsidiary to Yucatan Holidays, and the Sunset Group, Cancun Escapes was birthed as a resultof 15+ years of telephone marketing to the U.S. and Canadian market. As technology grew, with more and morepeople accomplishing daily tasks online and the presence of social media exploding, it became clear thatanother company would need to be created in order to satisfy this new, massive, dynamic market.

Always looking to be as user friendly and efficient as possible, Cancun Escapes will continue to searchfor new and easy ways for clients to find, research, and book their dream getaway with as little hassle aspossible. Part of that is also finding different exotic destinations, and more diverse experiences tooffer our clients. We believe the more options, the better.